How much input do I have?

You can have total control. We will discuss your requirements prior to any recording. If you can give me some reference sounds or styles that will greatly help. If you have MIDI parts recorded or drum parts notated, I am happy to work to those note for note, or just as a guide. We will work together to make sure you get exactly what you want for your music. If you have no idea how to communicate what you want, or do not really know what you want, that is also fine. I can make suggestions and we can work through ideas until you are happy.

What equipment is used?

Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute, Pearl Masters, Yamaha Stage Custom and Mapex Jazz kit. A selection of steel, brass and wood snares of varying diameter and depth from Pearl, Yamaha, Mapex, Premier, Tama, Saluda and Sonor. Zildjian cymbals including Constantinoples, A Customs, K Dark Customs, Z Customs, Azukas, various Chinas and rivet rides.

Various microphones, pre-amps and interfaces are also used. The large selection of equipment enables the sound to be tailored to exactly what the song requires. Different heads and tunings will also be applied to create the perfect sound for each project.

Which styles/genres can you cater for?

All styles are catered for with different drums, mic techniques and tunings to achieve the best result. I have experience live and studio playing rock, pop, jazz, Latin, blues, metal, drum & bass, funk, and loads more between.

Do you record MIDI drum tracks?

Yes. I can create entire MIDI parts or MIDI drums with acoustic cymbals. You can then apply these parts to whatever drum sample software you prefer.

Do you play percussion as well as drum kit?

Absolutely. Shakers, tambourines, cowbells, congas, bongos, guiros, cajon, Irish bodhran, djembe, woodblocks, triangles and anything else that can be hit, struck, scraped or shaken.

How can I hear your playing?

Yes. There are audio and video files around this website displaying some of the projects that I have played on in various styles.

Which formats are used?

Final AIFF or Wav are commonly used to send the full mix through in high quality. I generally send files in 44.1khz but other requirements such as 48khz are met if requested. Of course, a MIDI project will be sent as a MIDI file.

How will you send me the files?

I’ll email a link to you so that you can download the files from a file sharing website. If you’d prefer a disc emailed to you, that is fine. You will have to cover the postage expense and allow extra time for delivery.

Will your drum tracks be compatible with my system?

YES. The audio files that you receive will work perfectly well in all the usual DAW systems such as Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Digital Performer.

How should I pay?

Payments are made via Paypal as it’s fast and secre. I’ll invoice you and then you can make the transaction.

Is there discount if you record several tracks for me?

Yes! Several tracks recorded at one time decreases set up time and this time saving is passed on as a discount to you the client. Discount dependant on project type, amount, etc.

What is the turnaround time?

A maximum of two weeks but fast turnaround recordings can be arranged for an extra fee.

What if I don’t like the results?

It hasn’t happened yet and I will do everything to make sure you are happy. We will discuss the requirements before and during the process. I will then send you an MP3 demo recording. If you like it I will send through the high quality finished result. If it needs tweaking, you just let me know and we’ll get exactly what you want. You don’t pay anything until you are happy.

How can I help you to get the best result?

Here is a list of things that you could send me to help the process run more quickly and smoothly

  1. Record your demo to a click and play with as good a timing as possible to that click. If this is difficult, program a drum pattern to play along with but leave it out of the recording that you send me.
  2. Give a two bar count in.
  3. Provide a written part for the track. Not essential but if available, it does help.
  4. If you have programmed or existing drum recordings on your track, send those for reference.
  5. A reference track or link to hear the type of sound you want is also welcome if you have it.
  6. The demo of your track without drums for me to play to. This should ideally be an MP3 at 192kbps, recorded to a click, with the tempo in the title (i.e. Stairway to Heaven 96bpm), and with a bar or two of click to count me in. I will be able to use my musicality and react most appropriately to the song if a full band (minus drums) recording is provided. By recording drums last it means I can stay out of the way of certain aspects, or respond to them if called for. If this isn’t possible, a scratch demo is fine but more communication will be needed prior to recording so that I know what is wanted.