I have the files downloaded and I love your drumming. Matt, that is absolutely perfect. Well done. Super job!! Will certainly have more jobs for u in the future!

— Yvonne Fahy – Galway Musician – Trad on the Prom Show

How the online session drummer works:

  1. You send me the track in MP3 format to info@onlinesessiondrum.com
  2. We discuss how we can achieve the exact, most appropriate drum track for your track. Don’t worry if you don’t speak drum language, we will find the solution. One solution is if you have a reference track that has a sound similar to what you want, i.e. ‘When the levee breaks’ by Zeppelin. Then I know what we’re aiming for. However specific or vague you are, we will get there.
  3. I send you MP3 rough mix recordings for your approval. Any alterations can be made at this stage.
  4. Payment is made and I send you the finished final mixes in high quality format.