Great Percussion Tracks Can Enhance Your Song

If you start analyzing your favorite music you might start to notice lots of extra percussion tracks that you didn’t realize where in there.

It might be a subtle shaker part in the chorus, a Latin infused conga part low in the mix in a verse, or a cowbell during the guitar solo.

But just because you didn’t notice it there before, that percussion track would probably be greatly missed if you took it away.

Those percussion tracks can add that sparkle to the music, creates lifts in different sections, allow the music to flow better, or simply fill gaps in the music. They can really elevate a track to the next level. But this aspect is often overlooked when producing a track as we focus on the core instruments that we had in mind when writing the piece.

Think of the castanets in the Ronnette’s ‘Be my baby’, the cowbell in the Beatle’s ‘Drive my car’ or the shaker in Lionel Richie’s ‘All night long’.

Those pieces would not enjoy such a great production if it weren’t for the added percussion tracks.

When using the Online Session Drum services, you also have access to a great number of percussion instruments such as cowbells, cajon, timbales, bongos, cabassa, congas, shakers, tambourines, castanets, bodhran, jam blocks, claves and more.

These can all be added as separate tracks that you can mix in at what ever level you want, as well as adding any processing or effects that you desire.

You might think of a great idea that you can articulate to your remote session drummer and ask for, or you might have a vague feeling that something extra beyond drums would work, in which case you can tell the drummer and let them get creative.

It might be to add something in the chorus, having a percussion feature in the middle eight, or having a full intro and outro to make an impact.

Either way, have a think about the next song that you are producing or writing and consider if percussion could enhance the overall sound.

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