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Online session drummer offers great drum recordings.

Firstly apologies to those who had tried getting in touch over the last few weeks. The website was down and took ages to fix. That’s what happens when drummers try to do something technical!

Secondly happy 2015!

Now the website is back up and there are a few new songs on the soundcloud panel so you can hear more results to come out of this drum recording service.

Remote drummer sessions are a great way to get real drums on your songs without needing expensive commercial studios and engineers. It totally breaks down geographical barriers and allows me to work with people all over the world without leaving my own studio.

In December alone I recorded for people in the UK, Russia, Switzerland, Germany and America, all without taking off my slippers of putting down my cup of tea. Not the same cup of tea obviously!

But other than the slippers and tea benefits, it means for the client they get to use a purpose built drum studio that is full of different drum kits, cymbals and drum recording equipment so everything is to hand and more time can be spent being creative rather than setting up and travelling.

It is also incredibly cost effective and the tracks recorded here have been used for various TV, adverts, corporate material, producers, and bedroom songwriters who just want a real drummer on their songs.

Have a listen through the sound examples to hear a variety of playing styles and sounds and get in touch to let me know what you want for your track.

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