Online Session Drum Video

Sony/ATV Music Recording

Hey producers, songwriters, and general music lovers. It's been a busy time and I haven't updated this blog for sometime. I've been enjoying the usual diversity of being a freelance online session drummer, recording for a beautiful wide range of music for producers, TV, songwriters and bands.

I've also been working a lot with a Sony/ATV band called Fears based in London. We've been doing lots of demoing and working on material for the first album, much of which has been recorded at my studio.

There's a great creative team working with these guys from the producer who is currently working on U2's new album as well as great songwriters who write for the likes of Take That and other big names.

But there is always time for the ongoing recording for anyone that wants drums on their music so do get in touch if I can help you add some groove to your music.

Here is the first offering from Fears called Squeeze.