MIDI Drum Tracks Now Available

You can have live MIDI drum tracks

I'm often asked if I can provide MIDI drum tracks for projects and I've had to decline for a while because I stopped offering that service.

But now I've got back into it and have a great electronic set up with Roland V drums, as well as an SPDSX and Roland acoustic triggers.

This means I can record a live drum track for you with all the articulation and human feel that you'd want, but still retaining the option for you to edit the parts and apply any sampled sound in the world to those notes.

I will then send you a stereo mix of the track using my own sampled sounds as well as providing the MIDI file giving you unlimited options for editing the parts and the sounds.

Recording MIDI drum tracks still doesn't offer quite the same in terms of feel or nuance that you get from live acoustic drum tracks, but it's damn close and getting closer all the time. But with the editing and sample changing options available, that versatility means this is the best option for many people.

Get in touch if you want to try this service and get MIDI drum tracks for your music.