Online Session Drum on BBC

Drum Session Recording back on TV

It's been a busy few months at the drum studio with the usual amazing diversity of projects that need online session drums recorded.

As is often the case it has covered everything from rock, pop, jazz, funk, Latin and metal right from bedroom songwriters, through corporate videos, artists working with major labels and TV music.

One fun project was a title sequence track for a new BBC show called Repair Shop which went out in March 2017. Often TV projects seem to be needed yesterday and this call came in needing the drum tracks for the following morning as the strings were being recorded at lunchtime. 

The track itself was quite easy and in the style of Coldplay's 'Clocks' so after some time finding the right snare and sound for the track it was just a case of laying down the drums over the MIDI demo that already existed. I threw in a few different fills afterwards to give the producer options in the mixing stage and the tracks were delivered well in time for the strings to be recorded.

The Repair Shop Online Session Drummer

It's that diversity of music and different projects that keeps the online session drum recording work so much fun so please do get in touch if you need some live drums no matter how big or small your project is. Because I own the studio I can take that time to find the right sounds, experiment with ideas and really get the perfect result for your music without that expensive studio clock ticking and watching the bill go up?