Online Session Drummer Jazz Track

Here at I get asked to record all sorts of music in all sorts of different levels of readiness with all manner of different briefs.

Sometimes an artist or producer knows exactly what they want and have the beats mapped out down to the last 16th note bass drum. And no variation is required! Sometimes people have a rough guide of what they want but they also want to leave room for the drummer to be creative within their guidelines. Sometimes they have absolutely no idea what they want and they ask for my own interpretation to see where I take the track.

All approaches are a fun challenge but the more freedom there is, the more fun for me it has to be said. And this project was one with the most freedom. The brief was that a corporate film is being made and they want a jazzy funk type of feel. They then gave me a tempo and asked for a string of ideas.

The producer then took those ideas and cut them up so he could build a track around them. It meant I got to try loads of ideas for a few minutes to give grooves, fills, solos and wacky little phrases. That meant he had plenty of options to cut up and use what he wanted.

Here is the result.

So whether you know exactly what drum sound and drum part you want for your track, or if you know you want some drums but have no idea what they should be, just get in touch at and we can talk through it to see how we can take your track to the next level.