Remote Skype Drum Session

Create A Live Recording Session With An Online Session Drummer

Many of the remote drum sessions I do from my studio are done via email with tracks being sent to me along with any relevant information. I then record the drums and email an MP3 back for review. This is a common working method for the online session drummer.

Sometimes the drum tracks are exactly right first time, but other times a creative exchange of ideas is needed to find the perfect drum part and this happens with emails going back and forth.

Skype online drum session.jpg

This works very well because the artist or producer can review the drum parts when it's convenient and take as long as they need before replying with ideas for the next drum take.

It also works well when the client is in another country whilst I am in the UK and they need the drum parts quickly. I have, on several occasions, being given a project in the morning UK time (end of the day in the producer's time zone) and I record it that evening. I send it to the client and they wake up in their time zone to find the finished drum files in their inbox. They can then stick them straight into their music project and finish the job. Amazing how technology allows this remote recording method to exist!

However, sometimes this delayed communication can be a drag. It doesn't allow the instant bouncing of ideas that is possible in a conventional session recording environment when all parties are in the same room. But with a hired studio, engineer, producer, etc come the big costs that we are trying to avoid. As you know, the remote session drummer service allows the costs to be brought down incredibly cheaply so you get top quality, professional drum tracks for a very affordable price.

BUT there is another option which I realised not many people know about. That is to use the online session drummer option but work it as a live session. I do this regularly with certain producers that want to give instant feedback and 'be in the room' as drum recording is happening.

To do this we simply arrange a time for the session and contact each other via Skype. This gives us live communications. We then run the session as we would if we were in the same room, exchange ideas, have fun and get creative.

I then bounce down and send across the finished files as normal. Viola!

So get in touch if you want drum tracks and we can work out whether an email exchange is the best method or whether a live Skype session suits you best.