People keep listening to the ‘Weatherman’ takes and come to me asking if the drums were programmed. Just can’t believe it.
— Jay Serrao – Shmolts

Using an online session drummer is the most cost effective way to get great quality drum tracks on your song.

Please get in touch for TV rates.

There are essentially three price options:

Option 1 – One Take Wonder – £50

Here Matt will listen to your track, create the parts, select the right drums and microphone positions before recording one take for you. He will then send the high quality individual files for each microphone for you to mix into your track.

Who is it for? This works well for people who can provide detailed information about what they want or, even better, a written chart for Matt to follow. Then he can get the part right first time.

This allows you to have great quality, real live drums for a very cheap price.

Option 2 – Three Takes – £70

This option includes all of the above but Matt will give you up to three different takes. He will provide the first take as an MP3 for review so you can give feedback. He will then record the second and third takes where necessary to reach the perfect take for you. If requested you can have the files for all takes if you wish to combine the best bits from the different takes.

Who is it for? People who want to make a few changes and evolve the drum part. Many producers like this option as they know they can get three good takes and then cut and paste their best bits to re arrange the ultimate take.

Option 3 – Six Takes – £90

Here you will get an initial demo of the track so you can review and feedback. From here Matt will then record the next version. You can keep giving feedback and he will keep recording until you are 100% happy without you paying any extra up to six times. This means you can keep changing things until you are totally happy.

Who is it for? This is a great option for people who don’t really know what they want or have a complex arrangement that they think needs more work to find the perfect part. It means they have full control over what they get.


Takes beyond six After using option 3, if you still want to try more ideas out then that’s no problem. It will run at a cost of £15 per extra take.

Percussion You can also have extra percussion recorded such as shakers, congas, bongos, djembe, bodhran. Each extra percussion track costs £10 extra.

Mixing A high quality stereo mix of the drum track can be provided to you in you don’t want to mix it yourself. This costs £10 extra per track


If using Paypal it is asked that you add the fees for this transaction onto the cost. This is generally 3.4% + £0.20. So for a One Take Wonder – Option 1 project the additional cost would be £1.90; Option 2 is an additional £2.70; and Option 3 is an additional £3.30.