This man is one of the best musicians I’ve had the honour of working with.
His approach dedication and passion for the drums is nothing short of legendary. Just ace!

— Jay Serrao – Shmolts

If you want high quality custom drum tracks for your music, Matt Dean online session drummer can provide what you need. With over 15 years professional drum experience, a custom built drum studio and work that's appeared on TV around the world, albums and demos for major labels, artists and producers worldwide, you can put your trust in this service to provide the perfect bespoke drum part.

The studio itself is equipped with four drum kits, a large collection of snare and cymbals, great mics and preamps and a room that was built purely to record drums.

Browse the website to hear songs that have been recorded in this studio, check out the prices that are as affordable as you will find and get in touch with Matt to get him playing on your music.