“Mate, I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. Fuck. And let me be clear about this: fuck. Blown away. Awesome. Again, you’ve transformed this song. You have no idea how much this makes me want to get out there and play this live. But fuck. And wow. A Very Happy Spikey xxx”

Spike – Guitarist

“DUDE !!!….Awesome skills my man !!!….Honestly…. Words fail me !!?…. I’m totally blown away !!?…. AWESOME !!!?…. I knew you were “The Man” !!!?… MOST FUNKY !!!….Take it easy mate”

Revo – Bassist

Wow Matt this is awesome. Thank you so much.

Chris Royer

Oooooooo Matt, I really like it! I’m very happy with the drums, sound great! They’ve got great energy.

Jennie May

“Hey Matt….Well…. I figure you really are one bad mutha !!?…Once again…. Great skills my friend…. Truly great skills !!!…. Mate… I can’t even begin to say thank you so much on how you have transformed the stuff to a higher ground !!?….Anyway… Jolly well done old chap !!!…. Take it easy Dude !!!….


Revo – Bassist

“Hey Dudes,Thanks for the sweet and surprise package. I is very happy with the vibe you’ve got already Matt. Really tight and confined all round – super funky… which is how this track always should have been. Empty, tight, raw emotion and tense. But sophisticated too with lovely touches in between the first chorus and 2nd verse, loads of playfulness and tension through the verses, a lift and drive in the chorus (although the ride or open high hats?? and finally some real joy going on in the outro – the whole band sort of twisting and turning, really different from the way we have done in the past and bloody interesting to listen to. When we played this live, the final section of the outro really funked up and you have started to capture this with lots of your style and ‘fuck me’ moments as your riffs move right through the vocal lines – gives it another lovely layer. Xx”

Gill Cummings – Singer

Hi Matt, it’s perfect!
Stefano Matteucci– Composer/cellist

“Matt Dean was fucking immense”

Cyren O’connor – Franka De Mille’s manager

“2nd comment on whether I used a drum machine for the drums in #Weatherman :)”

“You sir are an absolute orgasmatron for the ears.”

Jay Serrao – Shmolts

Hey Matt. Love it!! Thanks for doing this mate it’s another great take! I really appreciate you being so diligent in this song.

Animesh Raval – Songwriter

Hi Matt, Love your work. Paz Magdinier my co-producer was convinced they were programmed! All very impressed and will be doing more with you. Best Wishes and Many thanks

Steve Jones – Songwriter

Both Bob and I are delighted with your drum performances and recordings. VERY happy customer AGAIN so looking forward to the next session!

Joe Lonsdale – Producer

“This man is one of the best musicians I’ve had the honour of working with.
His approach dedication and passion for the drums is nothing short of legendary.  Just ace!”

Jay Serrao – Shmolts

“I dropped the files into the tracks, and did a quick mix, you’ve done a really great job, not too much, not too little, just perfect.”

Mike Hewer – Guitarist (Germany)

“Nice one! That sounds perfect, Exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot.  I’m really pleased with what you’ve done. Its really made the track come alive. Paul”

Paul Hale – Songwriter

“People keep listening to the ‘Weatherman’ takes and come to me asking if the drums were programmed. Just can’t believe it.”

Jay Serrao – Shmolts

Anyway, your playing ability is amazing, the recordings are excellent and you represent amazing value for money. Very happy customer indeed Matt.

Joe Lonsdale – Producer

Gave it a couple listens and I think we have a keeper. 
It sounds killer and your timing and feel are great!

Steve Whitaker – Guitarist/Songwriter

“We had the pleasure of playing with Matt for our EP Launch which, as you can imagine, was quite a big deal for us. Matt was extremely professional, affable, and superb on the drums. Not only that, but he was reliable, communicative in the run up to the gig, and knew the songs inside out on the night. He did exactly what the music needed without overplaying or showing off, and generally conducted himself with a minimum of fuss.

We’re really happy to recommend Matt to anyone looking for a drummer for that one-off gig or session, and will certainly be looking to play with him again in the future for those “full band” gigs which we play once in a while.”

Alexei Haigh – The Infinite Wilds


All of the listed points have to be characterized as absolutely great and satisfactory. I was dealing with a few online drummers and they lost my business because their communication was sporadic at best, so giving a quick update on project status is number one in importance. In fact nothing could get going because they were unresponsive.  As far as quality of drum sound its superb.

Playing: you gave me two tracks and the seconds absolutely nailed the song so again great job. Overall I would say keep doing what you are doing.

Vladimir Tovbin – Songwriter


“I also have the files downloaded and I love your drumming. Matt, that is absolutely perfect. Well done.  Super job!! Will certainly have more jobs for u in the future! “

Yvonne Fahy – Galway Musician – Trad on the Prom Show


I keep saying this again and again. Matt Dean is a GREAT Drummer. Check him out cos he does justice to your songs! #Drums #legend

Jay Serrao – Shmolts